Published on November 11 2019
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What is Divine Definition for you?

Hello I am a Divine Definition of a transforming human and this is part of my story, welcome 

What is Divine Definition for you?

Here i invite you to awaken your faith in the divine guidance. I am a good example of awakening my human mind to connect to the source. 

I am a 44 year old women, waitressing since the last 25 years so lets say i have a coaching degree haha, mom of one boy, 7, and in the best relationship i can be, with me!

Single since 2014, only last year did i decide to really choose ME, choose to be single and become what i expect a partner to be for me. Since this decision, things have really been shifting in my life. As i always loved silence in the house when i can, the silences this year have been filled with a voice. This voice started to manifest herself while i was receiving a shamanic treatment in april 2019. I knew that this was not my ego. Not the same tone and it didn’t come from my head space, it manifested from my heart. So, silences have been bonnified with one of my guides, and i realized i was opening up to another method of integrating.

I was brought up with a party friendly dad, i was laughed at, intimidated by, at home at school, i was verbally abused numerous times, physically abused numerous times, i have never been in a good relationship with men. I have been all there and now it is MY duty to ADRESS this part of my life so I CAN HEAL IT, and move on! When i adress these human life obstacles, i become conscious of who i am now because of all that. Does this make sense?

At this moment, i know i can heal, and i can help others, with my words. This is my Divine Mission. I am chosen for this, through me, my guidance,words of wisdom from the Divine SOURCE, or whatever you call your bigger self, we all have this potential in ourselves.

Waitressing in the same restaurant for the last 10 years made me go through so much. It has been my university. Going through intimation, non respect, ignorance, bullying, and why did i endure that, because i didn’t love MY SELF, why? because i didn’t respect MY SELF , why? because i didn’t know MY WORTH. I abandoned MY SELF. Now WHY do I stay? I AM LEARNING these are all MY MIRRORS throwing back at me my own medicine. I listen, i cry, i get enraged at situations that are playing out to be my mirror reflecting back my bad behaviors in my life. I intimidated children at school, i certainly have not respected some people and i have ignored too. When you come on this earth, you choose every actor in your life movie, these people have a role to play in my life so i can evolve ! THank you for this, i must heal and forgive MY SELF.

 Getting back my worth, my respect my self love has been a tough journey and will continue to be, but as i am more conscious of my words, actions and respect, i will not have as many going on in my life. As i am conscious, I live the present moment. YOU CAN TOO.

This might be alot to take in, settle down with a pen and paper , put some binaural beats, or meditation music, light up a candle, smudge your environment, get comfortable, and write down your flaws and what disturbs you in others. Go deep, it doesn’t hurt if you go with your heart open, empathy and forgiveness. Call in your guides  and ask for softness, peace, and loving light. TRUst me they are there for YOU.

love always,