Published on January 30 2020
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I’m back! Empath and all!

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog, how have you been since 2020 started? Has the moon affected you? Maybe the fluctuation of Schumann resonnance has made you mad or sad or high? Of course this affects all of us, but as an Empath, it sure does has its toll on me. This is one of the reasons i was not here. I lost all creativity, i felt depressed and i left the job i had been in for the last 30 years, waitressing.

I woke up on Nov. 1 rst and had a anxiety attack. That was the day i decided it was enough. Called my doctor, and there, i was authorized a rest for a month.

I did NOTHING for a whole month, except my spiritual therapy with my kinesthesis therapist. What this does is that it helps you peel off old paradigms in your DNA, helping you to reach your True Essence buy asking questions. With the antenna, she can feel the vibration of your response, is it vibrating towards your true essence or not.

Reprogramming part of your DNA engages you to free your futur of karmic dept, your kids karmic dept also. This really cleans up all generations so we can live free of the ancestors bad paradigms like feeling unworthy, unloved, guilt, anger. That actually does not belong to you but you live with. What this does is that it might step into your life for no reason at all. Get it? These old paradigm just fucks up the paths of the plan you made previouly of your human life, and you might wonder why you feel anger when nothing has made you angry.

What it has also helped me with is finding myself. Waitressing was a job that fulfilled a lack of love, everybody loves you when you waitress and you are good. I was beyond good, i was damn EXCELLENT at it, this made me feel needed, loved and essential at my work. I became an actor, everything was always great, always perfect even when it wasnt, i had a smile on my face. I was projecting the perfect life, i was young when i started, i was 16 and money was easy to make.

I am 45 now, but it is just a number. Imagine all the old paradigm i have to dig into to reach my true essence. I would tell you start young hahah that shit builds UP and can lead to a depression if you dont listen to the Divine Whispers ( see tee-shirt in my shop ) We need to face the obvious, our OWN LIGHT. Then the doctor had me stop for another month and a half. Christmas came along and also the family, but essentially my dad with whom i have had lots of desagrement with over the years, he is Scorpio i am Leo, witch means FIRE WITH FIRE ! SHIT THAT RELATIONSHIP WAS HARD! I have gone through alot of accusations towards him, everything bad in my life with men was his fault. I had a talk with him and i said i was sorry for making accusations for my emotions. I took responsability for my creation and understanding he didnt know any better.

What i learned and healed with time, aging, reading, yoga, and the kinesthesis therapy is that I AM THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT I CREATED IN MY LIFE. Just to be clear, the choices i made came from the lack of love, maturity and information about who i really am, everything THEY DONT TEACH IN SCHOOL and my parents did their BEST.

Basically, i had to come back here, because THIS PROJECT IS AMAZING! Writing is a liberating therapy, and i know that my words touch where it needs to.