Published on November 11 2019
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Divine Definiton

Hello, My name is Lyne Ducharme and welcome to my Divine Definiton BLOG

Divine definiton was born from a download to me from the Divine source. Since my move in a 7 house a year ago, i have been awakening on a greater level of healing and understanding. Buying books, studying the multi dimensions and etheric bodys and chakras ect…Though i was already a very spiritual women, i find that 2018-2019 has really helped me intergrate the divine wisdom. My wake up call on my reason why i am here on earth.

My mission being sharing my words, this was sent to me in the most perfect timing. My son was diagnosed wit ADHD, when he started grade 1 actually. 

As i am not a professional of any sort, i know from within, that ADHD/ADD autism or whatever else, that it is NOT a sickness , it is a LIGHT, A TEACHING. I just know, and i was called to say it to you from the divine source. Let me explain.

One day, sitting at my kitchen table scribbling, these words come up in my mind, i hear them from within, and the words are Angels Downloading Higher Divinity. I swear, i couldnt beleive it. I had just been informed of a  divine meaning for ADHD er¨s. This felt so strong, so untageable, i started laughing and crying at the same time..i had just touched something greater than me. 

I have to inform you that having my son go through the acceptance to have a specialist give us a diagnosis as very hard for me simply because i know in my heart that for him, school is not well programed now a days. I certainly dont like pills, and since he is active, i did try some essential oils, but, at 4 years old in kindergarden, he was in no capability to take the oils himself on the right grade 1 came and we were asked to have him checked for ADHD, his father wanted this for he was also very hyperactive in school and didnt want his son to go through the same path of having a hard time making friends, being noisy, too much of everything..

Since our son is very enlightened, i actually thought of asking him if HE felt ok with taking a drug to help him in school. He said yes and my fears softened a little. When he was 4 one night after kindergarden, he had told me that sometimes it felt a little crazy in his head and that it made his tummy go red[mad] inside. { like the movie }. He knew that it was different for him and that he couldnt fit in this school system. This made me mad that there are no alternative schools, so on we went to see a specialist.

In september 2018, he started taking 10 mg of biphentin, then 20 and 3 months later, 30 mg. Did i see a change? Of course i did, but, honestly, not as much i was was scared of so it became sort of ok because HE was ok, he liked this change, he felt it made him better in school with friends.

As i desired for him to keep his spiritual opened mind, we started mediation music, and guided meditations and even singing mantras together. He is a wonderful child, very empathetic, and he knows all about my projects, he loves the t-shirts, i tell him everyday that ADHD does not define him, he is well and far from being sick. That was when the sentence ADHD is not a sickness it a teaching came to mind.

Having these two powerful mantra, i decided to have them put on a t-shirt for other people to benefit these teachings i received, I had to share my wisdom and decided on a web site with a blog and everything. I ask this young friend to help me and as we are looking at colors and stuff he says to me what will be the name of your website right,..oh i hadnt though about that but then again, words come up from within, guided through me, Divine definition. He could not beleive what had just happened himself. I explained to him that this project was born by Divine nature, i am a chosen for this mission as we are all for our own missions. You just have to live in the present, point zero, and sit in silence, open your heart to greatness.

                                      so, What is your Divine Definiton today ?

                                                                              love always, Lyne