Published on November 20 2019
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Divine Definition BLOG 

Hello, my name is Lyne Ducharme and welcome to my Divine Definition BLOG

New humans are coming on this earth with a new conscience, a far greater shining light than us, and even my son born in 2011. 

It is intended that their mission is so grand, that some of them might wish to dismiss, or leave the earth \ human experience for it is very challenging emotionally. THE MESSAGE  is so profound and powerful, like dolphin intelligence coming back to earth. 

It is time for schools to step up, to do changes. Learning is not a dictation, it is a sharing experience. I share, you share, we share,  I grow, you grow, we grow. We need to awaken, we should stand up for our kids, as adults caring for the future. New souls are coming to teach US.

My wish and mission is to give kids freedom of speech, let them share what they feel and live.

We are a team, with the childrens.They want to be implicated, in this life, WITH YOU. They chose you to be part of their journey, be a partner, ask your childrens how they feel about fairies, angels, God, guides, archangels, Dragons, unicorns…look around, more and more people need to be energetically surrounded, grounded, sustainably responsible.  They can help us, the children have a deeper understanding about all this, in their souls.

We will all awake at different times, but it is all with the same intention, LOVE IS ALL.

Talk with love, think with love, do with love. WE all need more love. 

We need to be taught to calm down, and receive. We spent most of our times running. Running to day care, running to work, running to the grocery store, running for supper, homework, baths, even reading a book to bed. Nothing is done WITH LOVE! This Running HAS TO STOP. Stop and listen to your inner feeling, the divine source whispers to you, i know you hear that voice, that deep one, inside telling you to stop. It is time to integrate what you hear and your children are there as your guides, because how many times have they told you to stop, to come and play, go on a bike ride…Work around THEIR TEMPO, they are THE MASTERS, 2019 is a WORLD WIDE WAKE UP CALL TO STOP AND LOOK INSIDE. Start living your TRUTH, become your DIVINE  BEING. These kids know this, they are surely telling you things, and you brush it off, tell them to stop talking, because when not being connected, it all becomes incomprehensible. Please Please write down what they say, when they tell you that might seem weird to you, look into what they say and why. Ask them questions. 

AS you become more aware, you will still be interested to learn more about yourself. Knowing you is the best gift you can attribute to you for your own good. WE all have our DIVINE CALLING and THis is the time to RE-connect, open arms, open mind, open Heart.

                                                                      LOVE always , Lyne xx